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Acharya Dr. Naveen is a renowned personality of our country as well as in foreign countries. He is well known by the name of best healer, a Shakti sadhak, and as well as a great predictor. However people called him a good advisor too. Many of famous personalities including politicians and models visited his place for the solution of their problems. His one and only aim is to preserve the ancient sadhanas , yagya vidhis, mantra Gyan and tantra sadhnas which were written and described by our ancestors i.e. various saints, Rishi and tapasvi sadhaks. Since the 12th year of his age, he started practicing and chanting the divine ancient mantras, and indulged in deep meditation known as "MANAS POOJA " popular among the siddhas. He solved many cases in India as well as outside native's state. He used to lived in sanyast form during his Sadhana. He is blessed by various siddhas of sacred ashrams. Right now he is serving the society by giving them peace of mind through meditation.

Astrology is very important for every person at some point of the life. Dr. Naveen is very famous among the people because he is in the astrology from many years. He is practicing it and helping the people with his astrological remedies. He knows about every deep thing of the astrology. Although it is not really easy to learn about the astrology. But since from his childhood he has very good interest in the astrology. Thus he has started learning the astrology. He has done his studies in the field of the astrology. This makes him to know about various things of the planets and the stars present in our universe and their effect on human lives. He is serving the people by providing them accurate information or predictions about their life.

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Dr. Naveen always wishes that people should remain happy. Thus whoever has come to him he always provide them best remedies and the predictions. He has dynamic thoughts and ideas. Which every time helps the person to get to know about unexpected opportunities and problems come into their life. Being an acharya he understands the need of the people those who come to him. He helps them by giving the productive remedies which very soon gives the result. Today there are many people those who have got benefit in their life only because of him. Thus he always makes the people to come to him when they are in any kind of the trouble and need some solution to come out of it.

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