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Yoga is introduces in the India about 10,000 years before. There are many those who think that yoga is the practice to make the body fit. But in actual it is the practice to combine the soul with the energies of the universe. Although there are many physical activities that happened in the yoga. Doing yoga helps the person to get mentally and physically fit. Patanjali is considering as the father of the yoga and his yoga sutra. The yoga is further divided in three categories:

  • Gyan Yoga
  • Bhakti yoga
  • Karma yoga

Yoga Meditation

This yoga has many physical and mental benefits. Today it has become the means of living for many people. Thus more number of people is making it their part of the life. Yoga meditation is very important and little difficult to learn. But it helps the person to get the mental peace. In the initial steps of the yoga it includes the moving practice with different yoga poses. After that practicing the yoga breathing and after that came the meditation. It is the part in which a person concentrates on their mind and throughout his body.

It is not that much difficult to learn yoga meditation but one must have to follow the guidelines and they come to connect themselves with their mind. By repeating the single word again and again increases the concentration of the person. If a person does meditation daily there are many benefits of doing this. It improves the physical and mental health of the person. It lower down the blood pressure, less anxiety, controls the sugar level, slowdowns the stress which makes the person to feel well being. Once a person has start doing yoga meditation it becomes the part of their daily routine. Make yourself calm and your inner harmony. So, increase your practice day by day and feel the change in your daily routine.

Through Meditation we can attain these types of gain in our day to day routine life:-

  • It is a divine process through which we can attain endless relaxations.
    • Relaxation of mind
    • Relaxation of soul
    • Relaxation of body
  • It is a process to increase the potency of human to do more work.
  • It eradicates the laziness from the body.
  • Sources of Freshness.
  • It is a process to be merge With divinity, in this Materialistic world.

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